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Organic farming is the modern way to cultivate extensive produce, without harming the fertility of soil. This modern method can help farmers save a lot on fertilizers and pesticides and help them get export quality produce, thereby increasing their income.

It is with this vision that Kamnath has launched the Sardar Farm Project, an initiative to help the livelihoods of farming communities in and around the Narmada area, by teaching them modern methods of farming. By creating awareness about organic farming, teaching the various techniques to locals, Kamnath aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem, where both growers & consumers can benefit from 100% natural produce.

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Skill Development Training

Potential growers are versed in modern methods of growing produce organically. Experts from the field give growers hands-on experience on how to organically till the soil, plant seeds, harvest, create a business plan etc. to ensure that aspiring farmers have a strong foundation in a broad range of skills so they can achieve their unique farm goals.

Site Analysis

The leaders of the project work with the community of growers to identify the best places of land and help them get requisite permissions. The team also works to help growers with their own land, transforming it to suit organic farming needs.

Best Practices Training

From soil management to direct marketing, the project team works with farmers & growers in acquainting them with the best practices in organic farming and helps them become independent & self-sustaining in their farming endeavors.

Establishment of Various Farming Models

After training, the project leaders will help communities establish various types of farms, for specific purposes to ensure that every grower gets equal opportunity. Some examples of cultivations that Sardar Fram project has undertaken are:

Cottage Industry Ecosystem

Along with farming, the project team also helps farmers build cottage industries called haats that operate by utilizing the materials grown on the farms. From packaged chips to handicrafts, the cottage industry is to help the community not engaged in farming to create an alternative livelihood through the farming endeavor thereby creating a holistic & self-sustaining ecosystem of revenue for the region.

Promoting Agri-tourism

The project team works with the community to establish a tourism ecosystem, wherein they can host events, farm walkthroughts, shopping extravaganzas and other activities around the year to attract not just buyers, but also tourists to bring much needed revenue and progress to the region.

Acres Cultivated
Jobs Generated
Cottage Industries Established
Average Annual Tourist Footfalls
  • Mentorship, management and continued relationships after establishment of farming models to ensure equal farming opportunities.
  • Guidance through the creation of a personal business plan.
  • Opportunity to enhance with additional farm enterprises beyond vegetable production, including seed crops, grains, and livestock.
  • Engagement with research at the forefront of the industry: reduced tillage, regionally specific variety trials, plant breeding.
  • Frequent workshops with farming experts to help learn about different farm systems and make connections with other farmers and industry professionals

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