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It was the year 1939, when a paper printer and distributor from Gujarat, began printing ink onto paper. But with sheer dedication to his work, and the same commitment of his following generations, this small, one room, establishment of the imperial regime would in turn become the greatest legacy of the family. This was a huge step, considering that for 125 years before that, the family owned company was a humble seller of fine cutlery & stationery items.

Primarily involved in printing educational books for children, Kamnath, then known as Bechar-Meghji & Sons, worked with prolific writers of Gujarat's academia like Jurjuria Rana Pancholo of Mathematics, Kalyanrai Navalshankar Joshi of Science, and novelist Ramnarayan Pathak, to print series of books that were considered revolutionary learning material of its time.

Over the coming decades, the company saw India's independence and its subsequent role in working with the State Government to establish a company dedicated to printing educational material, for the generation of free India. It was with this vision that Bechar-Meghji & Sons branched into 2 divisions, Sahayak Prakshan Sanstha and Sarvoday Shikshan Prakshan, as its two arms dedicated to producing cutting-edge educational material. The company also partnered with iconic printing establishments of the time, to help further its vision and diversify its legacy.

Over the years, the business transformed into many facets. From a humble beginning, the ancestral print shop grounded its roots firmly in the market, by introducing latest technologies, innovations in printing and building a base not just in India but also across the country & the world. In 1950, Kamnath Mudranalaya was officially incorporated, as a prolific printing company, equipped with the most advanced printing machines and techniques of the time.

Generation upon generation, each family member added a different pillar of service to the company, until in 2010, under the leadership of Priyvadan Kakkad, the name Kamnath came into existence.

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The name Kamnath is today on the pedestal of the events and branding industry of Gujarat. From creatively designed concept literatures to large scale events, the name Kamnath is synonymous with turnkey performance, quality of workmanship and best-in-the-class market value. In fact, Kamnath has been a pioneer of many 'firsts' in the business, and has a track-record of record turn around times for executing projects of any scale or size and at any destination.

At Kamnath, everyone believes that in order to inspire others, we must take the first step. That's why, the company has branched its forte in creating a multifaceted business conglomerate full of spruced hospitality experiences, marvellous constructions and earth-friendly organic production, using state-of-the-art technologies, with the vision of becoming a role-model in these business segments. The company continues to excel in every aspect of its ventures, bringing the best of diverse business facets for its clients to benefit from.


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