What we doMore than branding
we create business personas

Branding is more than brochures or websites or logos, it is the essence of every brand and Kamnath's creative team is determined to transform great ideas into productive realities for its clients. From designers from arts background, writers with agency experience and an accounts team with years of hands-on market experience, our Kamnath has the most versatile talent pool to handle your creative branding needs and give you brilliantly designed marketing materials, digital campaigns, advertising ideas and more.

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How We WorkFrom storytellers
to film-makers We have a full-fledged branding set-up

Strategy Design

Kamnath's team creates an elaborate strategy for your branding needs even if it is just a brochure. The team analyses your needs, determines the right plan of action and sends you the proposal

Conceptualization & Design

Creation of the right theme, colors and design direction for your project


Carefully constructing the entire story, and theme in a design format, using customized photography, illustration and content

Storytelling Strategy

Deciding the tone, voice and visual aesthetics of your brand

Content Creation

Developing of a compelling content, using a mix of various design & social media tools

Social Activations

Using social media to launch your brand on various platforms that are best suited to reach your target market

Talent Procurement

Enabling the use of talent like influencers or celebrity endorsements to push your brand in the market

Strategic Alliances + Partnerships

Enabling cross promotions by partnering with supporting brands, businesses or retailers to ensure maximum market reach

Our ExpertiseDelivering Prolific Results
for a Multitude of Sectors

Successful Projects

Across branding mediums and platforms

  • In-house printing shop to deliver exceptional value
  • Expertise & networks in all arrays of branding including celebrities, agencies & industrial + retail markets
  • Latest softwares, and equipment for turnkey branding solutions
  • Full-service creative studio with designers, illustrators, copywriters, filmmakers & more to deliver a range of services under one banner

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